Monday, April 20, 2020

HOVERBIKE - April 2020 update

Well....I think I might have finished the lion's share of the HOVERBIKE 1/6th scale vehicle production. Let's toss on some music and review where I'm at, shall we?

I started talking about this 2013.

Seven years later, I finally have something close to a finished product. hehehehe. It was slow going - mostly due to analysis paralysis and fear over messing it up. That's the funny part. Messing it up? Who'd care other than me?

Moving on...

I started off here after the last update for the most part...


Sprayed the "hover rings" to match the theme. Looking back, I think that I liked the grey theme a bit better. It was a bit darker and "cooler", but the red is fun, too. 

Yeah...that orange has to go.....

A fun, sci fi addition....whatever they do. ;)  I like asymmetrical over symmetrical.  

Grunged up the red a bit to weather it down from the bright red look.

Found my GUNDAM decals that I purchased for my robot project and thought, "Yeah...this will work for the hoverbike." :::grin:::

The painted battery compartment looks much better in black. That Halloween orange was making me crazy!
I plan to touch this part up a bit to give it a more finished look. It was a last minute addition. 

I added some wires to the engine area to liven it up a bit and also painted sections to get some visual separation to the area. I think I'll go in and add a bit more and detail the area with yet more MILLIPUT putty. Give it a more finished look. 

And there it is! Finally finished the concept I had seven years ago. Pretty happy with it overall. 


The last thing I want to do is make a base for this with acrylic poles holding it about three or five inches off the ground and at a racing angle. The base will have to be rather heavy because this piece is SUPER heavy. That Milliput is great, but added a lot of weight because of how much I used.

I thought about finding someone with one of these signs to sell locally and using its base as the hoverbike base.

I think that would do the trick! That's all going to be worked out in a bit when things calm down a bit. For now, I'll just set this on the shelf somewhere close as a reminder that these projects don't need to be so scary. That's the big take away here - don't be afraid to just...dive in and DO something!

Thanks again to the amazing DORGMAL SNOW for being such an inspiration and for taking the time to help me answer some important project questions!  

1/6th scale background for my sci fi team! 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

War Story 1/6 Queen of the Dark Spider B: Deluxe (WS006)

So cool! I'm not really a VENOM fan, but as a horror lover, this figure is way in my sights!

War Story 1/6 Queen of the Dark Spider B: Deluxe (WS006)

I've only found one place with it so far and I have NO IDEA how good it it.